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Brazil, Capall Dorcha


We are delighted to be working with Scottish theatre company Capall Dorcha to develop a new production of Brazil by Ronan O’Donnell. Set in a future Scotland when Europe is at war with America, O’Donnell’s play sees events through the eyes of the youthfully disaffected Doddy. Initially picked up in a megastore for shoplifting for his mum, Doddy careers around his wartorn city, from council estate to rubbish dump to garishly themed pub. What emerges is a picture of angst-ridden adolescent solitude against a background of military conflict in which black-cat heli-ships hover in the sky and Scotland suffers collateral damage in the clash of civilisations.

We have recently secured a Business Innovation Exchange with the School of Arts, Media and Computer Games at Abertay University, Dundee to undertake the research and development of new technology which will combine live theatre with computer gaming. We’ll be testing prototype technology and gathering targeted feedback over the coming months.