What we do

We believe that culture and creativity inspired by people and place can transform lives. 

Our mission is to be a creative, entrepreneurial organisation rooted in North East Scotland (‘the North’), but with a global vision: using arts, culture, heritage and the natural landscape to contribute towards health and wellbeing, tourism and environmental sustainability. 

How we can help

From project management to organisational development and plenty of things in between, we’re here to help. 

Here’s what we offer: 

  • Producing and Project Management 
  • Fundraising and Development 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Festival Management 
  • Talent Development 
  • Live Performance
  • Digital Creative Development
  • Research, Consultancy and Report Writing 
  • Business Support 

Rules of the Road


  • Connect wellbeing and community with creativity.
  • Champion and promote people and place through creative projects and cultural tourism.
  • Increase the ‘soft infrastructure’ of skills, knowledge and work experience in the cultural sector. 
  • Produce creative work that gives voice to new narratives by embedded artists and creative practitioners.
  • Hold space for visions of a just transition to a fairer future.

Projects & Productions

We were here and this is what we saw

We were here and this is what we saw is a series of moments in time recording where we were and what we experienced. Some moments are historical, others personal, some both. Sometimes they are articles, sometimes photo essays, sometimes films. If you have a ‘we were here and this is what we saw’ you’d like to submit then get in touch.