"The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories."

CG Jung from Freud Letters, Vol 2.

What we do

Open Road is a producer and artist lead company with the artistic purpose of creating theatre, film and other creative work inspired by real life stories and histories. We are committed to working across disciplines and sectors and to seeking out stories and histories that are in danger of being, lost, forgotten or mistold. We do so because we believe that understanding history has a positive impact on our lives today and plays an important role in creating a better future. And because truth is stranger and more important than fiction.

How we can help

Open Road creates and manages projects, productions, events, trips and publications. We’ve created, lead and delivered a wide range of work including cross sector projects between the arts and heritage. Our roots are in Scotland, our work can reach across the world.

We produce our own projects and productions and offer a range of skills, services and support to enable you to produce yours. We have high level experience of company management across both the public and private sectors and we approach all projects with a creative as well as a practical mindset.

Rules of the Road

We at Open Road:

  • Explore old roads and forge new paths
  • Re draw maps, push boundaries, discover new territories
  • Allow instinct, the stars, the past, the present and the future to guide us
  • Embark on internal journeys of discovery as well as external ones
  • Welcome travelling companions
  • Stay only as long as we are welcome
  • Believe the journey never ends

Projects & Productions

We were here and this is what we saw

We were here and this is what we saw is a series of moments in time recording where we were and what we experienced. Some moments are historical, others personal, some both. Sometimes they are articles, sometimes photo essays, sometimes films. If you have a ‘we were here and this is what we saw’ you’d like to submit then get in touch.