Meet the team

Here’s to the misfits…the ones who see things differently. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Jack Kerouac
Lesley Anne Rose
Lesley Anne Rose

I am a producer and a writer and I’ve always loved travelling, maps, journeys and the myths, histories, tales and folklore of the open road.

I’ve worked in the cultural sector across various regions of the UK for most of my professional life. I’m an experienced theatre producer and have produced a range of productions from large scale international co-productions to award winning mid scale touring theatre and site specific new work. I’ve worked with and lead organisations as they undertake transformational change. I thrive on creating work with an outward looking artistic vision that is simultaneously rooted in a sense of place and experiments across art forms.

I’m a published and commissioned travel writer and for two years sat on the executive committee of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild. As a playwright I’ve had work commissioned and produced in regional theatre, literature festivals and pub theatre. I’ve made short documentary films, and radio features while working and training with BBC Radio Bristol’s Social Affairs department.

I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce and a member of Scottish Pen – a not-for-profit organisation which champions freedom of speech and literature across borders.

Alison Louise Merret

I started my career in banking before moving on to run the family business with my husband for 25 years. In that time we expanded the business from two working partners and myself, to the company it is today employing 25 people.

I gained valuable across the board experience of running a small business including all aspects of HR, finance, business legislation and development. The company has recently won awards, both locally for family business achievements, and also a national award from a major manufacturer.

In the last two years I have stepped aside from my role in the business to pursue my own projects. As an experienced bookkeeper, I now work with businesses in many different industries including hospitality, agriculture and a charity. This variety gives me a clear insight into the challenges of running small to medium sized enterprises.

I have a lifelong interest in the Arts. My family’s creative gene has manifested itself in me as a keen florist. I have completed three years City and Guilds training and enjoy creating designs for family and friends as well as working with several brides creating wedding flowers and bouquets. I am also a keen handicrafter and enjoy spending time in my newly built ‘Sewing Shed’.

My husband and I are both self confessed ‘Italiaphiles’ with a love of the art, architecture, cuisine and culture of the country. On our most recent travels I have enjoyed researching local patron Saints and am fascinated how their lives and deaths have influenced the religion and culture of local communities. I am looking forward to further research on this in the future.

I have two grown up daughters and two naughty cats!