How to be a Producer : the basics

Producers are essential to a thriving arts and cultural scene. They know how to take a creative idea and make it happen or a creative talent and help it flourish. They know everything there is to know about putting on an event, festival, show or performance from seeking the finance, to securing the rights, to attracting an audience. Producing is traditionally a job learned on the job. However, this workshop will introduce you to the basics. It will share the skills, knowledge and know how to turn bright ideas into a production or performance, or move a grassroots scene forward to a professional level. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Defining a project 
  • Bringing form and structure to the idea 
  • Raising and managing the money
  • Managing the production
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • Basic marketing and PR 
  • Environmental considerations 
  • Networks and support

Resources included and anyone who undertakes the workshop will be offered a free one to one Producer’s Surgery as a follow up which will focus on your project, creative or professional development. You will also be invited to join a dedicated Aberdeen Producers network group.

For more information or to book a workshop: email:

Excellent workshop. All very useful and the informality to be able to ask specific questions was invaluable. 

Workshop participant feedback

This workshop has been supported by Creative Funding from Aberdeen City Council.