Environmental Policy

Open Road is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our work. We will achieve this in the following ways:

Free photo 92162055 © freepublicdomainimages - Dreamstime.com

Free photo 92162055 © freepublicdomainimages – Dreamstime.com

  • We will monitor and evaluate all staff journeys and encourage the use of public transport where possible. We will encourage all those we work with to do the same.
  • Where possible we will work with suppliers that have a robust environmental policy in place.
  • Any new equipment the company purchases will be as energy efficient as possible.
  • We will invest in digital and online methods of communication. If we do produce print we will use local printers and sustainable paper. Printed material will include an encouragement to recycle.
  • Where possible all old equipment and sets will be repaired, reused, stored or recycled.
  • We will encourage all creative team members to source any materials they use locally.
  • We bank with Triodos – the ethical bank.