Go Deep!

Thursday 27 April 6pm – 8pm, Friday 28 April 10am – 8pm & Saturday 29 April 10am – 2pm (drop in) 

Fittie Community Hall, New Pier Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5DR 

Go Deep is a game where participants learn about themselves and their communities. It supports individuals and communities to see themselves differently, to discover the inherent resources that are present but maybe not obvious.

It’s an award-winning approach to community building that is played like a game. It brings together community members to learn skills, dream, develop talents, discover their leadership, network and make concrete changes. 

A Go Deep team will be in the Fittie Community Hall from the evening of Thursday 27 April through to the afternoon of Saturday 29 April. Everyone is welcome to join in for however long you want. Come for an hour, come for a day, come in and out as it suits you, drop in to see what’s happening. Bring your friends, children, neighbours. Everyone is invited for whatever time they have because everyone is needed for their unique abilities, skills and talents. Look forward to seeing you there. 

Go Deep is free to attend. If you need any further information email: info@openroadltd.co.uk

See the Go Deep website for more information on the game.