Photo by Sid Scott

Breathe with me. Breathing in, relaxing down, feeling the weight of your fluids sinking into the floor. Breathing in through your nose, allowing the lungs to fill, feeling the soft tissues expanding forwards and backwards, up and down, feeling your ribcage gently moving. Allow yourself to release any tension, letting your eyes relax and the tongue. Sensing your internal rhythm, feel the lungs lifting the heart with each in-breath.

Now open your eyes…. 

ALIVE is a new solo performance project conceived and created by dance artist Skye Reynolds and director Susan Worsfold. ALIVE explores the intimate and universal themes of life, death and the female form. With the audience gathering close, we gently confront our own mortality, celebrating what it is to be alive. ALIVE is inspired by creative time spent in a dissection room and losing a loved one. 

About the Show 

A body is lying on a dissection table. Emerging from a meditative darkness, the audience gather close as an evocative Bodytext is delivered live. Instructions for anatomical dissection are layered somatically with the poetics of memory and desire. 

ALIVE inspired by, and created in gratitude to, Skye’s 25 year friendship and mentorship with Janis Claxton – choreographer, dancer, producer, advocate and teacher who recently passed away. 

Photo by Sid Scott

ALIVE – Skye Reynolds. Photo by Sid Scott

ALIVE is for an intimate audience. Creative research for the production is rooted in movement, anatomy, language and voice. The show is a crystallisation and a synthesis of a continuous research into being present with oneself, with others and with living memory. Skye and Susan have been deeply touched by the transition from the living body to the dead body, provoking exploration into how we walk this journey with a decaying body, but an internal growth. We want to be present with being alive. 

ALIVE has been supported by residencies with CityMoves Dance Agency in Aberdeen and will be one of the opening performances of Dance Live in October 2019.

ALIVE has been supported by residencies with CityMoves Dance Agency in Aberdeen and Summerhall, Edinburgh. It will be one of the opening performances of DanceLive in October 2019.

Meet the Team

Skye Reynolds 
Skye is a dance artist, performance-maker and educator. Passionate and curious about multi-artform communication, her practice is experimental and influenced by the politics of ‘real life’.

Susan Worsfold 
Susan is an award winning theatre director specialising in the Nadine George Voice Work for which she is one of only 14 accredited teachers worldwide. She has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland and been supported by Creative Scotland, British Council Brazil, British Council Scotland and is a three time award winner of the Made in Scotland Award.

Featured image by Sid Scott