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A twist of fate led me to a young man by a riverbank on a damp February night, that meeting saved his life. It occupied a place in my imagination for many years because of it’s significance. That in turn brought me back to my own experience of suicide as a young man where I...
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Elvis at the Grand Canyon

Travels With Elvis

It was like Elvis came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear. Bruce Springsteen I’ve been fascinated with Elvis since the day he died – one of my earliest memories – and the real man behind the kitsch and countless impersonators. For me, and many, Elvis represents a man who had the courage and...
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Sarah Rose Graber


If you thought good fortune in your life is all down to chance, then performer, director and teaching artist Sarah Rose Graber invites you to think again. Sarah Rose has recently undertaken an Artist Exchange with Aberdeen Performing Arts through which she began to create a new piece of work exploring the question – is...
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Mr Dickson’s Theatre of Ghosts

Mr Dickson’s Theatre of Ghosts Mr Dickson’s Theatre of Ghosts is an unforgettable blend of archive film, storytelling, traditional stories and live music. During the Silent Era films were often accompanied by live music and sometimes by a flamboyant Film Explainer. Part narrator, part actor these unforgettable characters were famous in their day. They stood...
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© Zedster | - Fire With People Sitting Around Photo


Set in 1983 against a backdrop of Greenham Common and a Thatcher landslide election victory, Greenham gives voice to living with the threat of nuclear war, four minute warnings and domestic, as well as global, acts of violence. It explores barriers and what we do when our backs are against the wall, or in this...
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Andy Cannon: image credit Brian Hartley

The Last People on Earth

The Last People on Earth Andy Cannon has been writing, performing and directing performances especially for children and their families for over twenty five years. Last year, as part of the 2014 Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Andy presented Tales of a Grandson; the story of Scotland’s past through the eyes of a ten year old...
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