Culture Collective

Open Road is working in partnership with the Fittie Community Development Trust (FCDT) who are a charitable organisation established to support the harbourside community of Footdee, known by its Scots language name of Fittie.  The FCDT lead on developing the accessible, community owned Gospel Hall as a community hub to improve the wellbeing of residents....
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Dark Rabbit by Clea Wallis

Sand, Silt, Flint 

We are working with Aberdeenshire electronic music composer and sound artist Fiona Soe Paing on her second studio album and song cycle project Sand, Silt, Flint.  Inspired by the landscape, folklore and rich balladry tradition of North East Scotland, the project combines Fiona’s electronica productions and voice with Scottish traditional instrumentation. Each track on the...
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Culture and Climate Change

We’ve been working around culture and climate change for a number of years. This work includes building an artistic programme to communicate and tell the story of climate change, as well as creating environmental action plans.   For the past two years we were part of Cultural Adaptations a Creative Europe project, led by Creative Carbon Scotland with partners...
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What Country Friend is This? rehearsal

How to be a Producer : the basics

Excellent workshop. All very useful and the informality to be able to ask specific questions was invaluable.  Workshop participant feedback Producers are essential to a thriving arts and cultural scene. They know how to take a creative idea and make it happen or a creative talent and help it flourish. They know everything there is...
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Breathe with me. Breathing in, relaxing down, feeling the weight of your fluids sinking into the floor. Breathing in through your nose, allowing the lungs to fill, feeling the soft tissues expanding forwards and backwards, up and down, feeling your ribcage gently moving. Allow yourself to release any tension, letting your eyes relax and the...
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EmmaClaire Brighton, Esme Bayley, Ewan Somers and Josh Whitelaw

What Country Friends is This?

“What country, friends, is this?” “jaki kraj przyjaciel jest to?” Viola, Twelfth Night. Act 1 Scene 2 “It sounds fanciful, but I would hope that the work would let Aberdeen see itself anew and recognise that change is inevitable and refreshing – that its history is one of change, of ebb and flow; that travellers, incomers...
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Andy Cannon: image credit Brian Hartley

The Last People on Earth

The Last People on Earth Andy Cannon has been writing, performing and directing performances especially for children and their families for over twenty five years. As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Andy presented Tales of a Grandson; the story of Scotland’s past through the eyes of a ten year old boy on an odyssey...
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