Harbour Voices

Harbour Voices is a series of true story podcasts showcasing and celebrating the lives of people who call the harbour area of Aberdeen home.

Aberdeen Harbour was established in 1136. Over the course of summer 2022, we’ll be digging deep into life and lives around the harbour area of Aberdeen. We’ll be giving voice to some of the many stories of harbour life from those who live and work in and around its waters. 

Two distinct residential communities sit on either side of the mouth of the harbour – Torry in the north and Footdee (known locally as Fittie) to the south. We’ll be sharing insights from residents old and new into what it’s like living at the edge of a global port and the North Sea. We’ll also give voice to those who work in and around the busy harbourside and let both tell the story of their lives and livelihoods in their own words. 

We’ll be making the podcasts of course of summer 2022 – capturing a moment in time for the harbour and Aberdeen city. They will then be released one a week over autumn and winter 2022. 

If you know someone with a Harbour Story to tell, we’d love to hear from you. info@openroadltd.co.uk

Harbour Voices is part of the Year of Scottish Stories 2022.