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The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed.

Barry Lopez, Crow and Weasel

Open Road is a producer and artist lead company with the artistic purpose of creating theatre, film and other creative work inspired by real life stories and histories. We are committed to working across disciplines and sectors and to seeking out stories and histories that are in danger of being lost, forgotten or mistold. We do so because we believe that understanding history has a positive impact on our lives today and telling our stories of now is instrumental in creating a better future. And because truth is stranger and more important than fiction.

Free photo 85153270 © creativecommonsstockphotos - Dreamstime.com

Free photo 85153270 © creativecommonsstockphotos – Dreamstime.com

Stories are, and always have been, fundamental in defining who we are – as individuals and as members of families, communities and cultures – in terms of understanding, and giving perspective to, our wider place in the world. Everyone’s story is unique and intertwined with the wider narratives of history, culture, time and place. Understanding our individual and collective stories, who writes them and the power they have over us, is essential in knowing who we are, our place in the world and the path we travel through life.

Theatre, film and all forms of creative work are powerful storytelling mediums. They are familiar platforms upon which we all tell our stories, as well listen to, and see ourselves, in the stories of others. They are places to record histories and memories, and vehicles through which we can imagine new futures and write new narratives for our lives both individually and collectively.

The need to tell our story is fundamental to who we are. The power of mainstream media to control and censor the stories we tell, and are told, is increasingly challenged. Thus allowing more opportunities for people to tell and own their stories in their own way. The need to give voice to a wide range of real life stories, and to record history and the story of now from multiple points of view, is more urgent and more possible than ever before.

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