What we do

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser , poet and political activist

At Open Road we tell stories and give voice to others to tell theirs. 

We have experience of senior level company leadership, strategy development and project management across both the public and private sectors. We approach all projects with a creative as well as a practical mindset.

Our roots are in the north of Scotland, our can work reach across the world.

Cultural Adaptations team

Team from Cultural Adaptations climate change project

Stories are fundamental in defining who we are – as individuals and as members of families, communities and cultures. Everyone’s story is unique and intertwined with the wider narratives of history, culture, time and place. Understanding our individual and collective stories, who writes them, the power they have over us, and the ability to re-write them, is essential in knowing who we are, our place in the world and the path we travel through life. 

The need to give voice to a diversity of real life stories and to tell them from different points of view, is more urgent than ever before. All of our work is inspired by real life stories and histories. We seek out stories that are in danger of being lost, forgotten, unheard or mistold. 


  • believe that understanding the past has a positive impact on our lives today and telling our stories of now is vital in creating a better future. 
  • work across art forms and sectors creating professional live performance and digital creative work. 
  • love hearing you talk and deliver community focused projects and events so we can listen to, and share, your side of the story. 
  • are here for you to work through your ideas and ambitions, from strategy development and leading workshops, to creative producing consultancy. 
  • know there’s nothing like a festival – live and online – and we know how to deliver citywide events across multiple venues, public spaces and online platforms, as well as intimate, festival experiences. 
  • look to the future and nurture new talent, whatever age or stage of life you may be. Training, mentoring and enabling you to take your own story, and your own creative ideas, into the your own hands is all part of what we do.  

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