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If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry , writer, poet,aviator and pioneer

From project management and producing, to organisational development and lots in between, we’re here to help. Here’s more detail.

Creative Producing and Project Management
We’ve know all about project and production management and have delivered ambitious international projects along with complex community focused programmes. We know about things like building teams, managing cash flow, child protection, equality, diversity and inclusion, health and safety and the importance of delivering on time and to budget.

Fundraising and Development 
Our track record includes sourcing financing and funding for one off projects, knowledge exchange, innovation and organisational development. We can do this for a single project or work with you to create a wider development plan of action and intent. We bring short, medium and long term perspectives to each organisation, strategy and project we work with, ensuring the detail of the here and now is covered while the impacts of legacy considered. 

Live Performance
Live performance is a powerful storytelling medium, enabling collective experiences where we share our stories, and listen to, and see ourselves, in the stories of others. We produce professional and community theatre, dance and other live work in both traditional venues and site-specific locations.

Community Engagement 
Community means all kinds of things from the places we call home to the academic, scientific and specialist communities. Our track record includes complex, award-winning community engagement projects and cultural performance.   

Festival Management 
We love festivals – live and online – and know how to deliver citywide events across multiple venues, public spaces and online platforms, as well as intimate, festival experiences. We’re big on place making and cover all bases from artistic vision to impact assessment.

Talent Development 
Nurturing and supporting up and coming talent is important to us. We work in formal and informal education settings where we teach, lead workshops and share skills, experience and knowledge. Mentoring, continuous professional development and training opportunities are all things we can offer. 

Research, Consultancy and Report Writing 
All companies and organisations sometimes need to take time to think, research, consider, consult and plan. We can help you undertake all of these and prepare written or online reporting, recommendations and outcomes.

Digital Creative Development
Barriers and boundaries between sectors in the creative industries are breaking down as theatre productions produce screen based, or podcast outcomes or merge with computer gaming technology to create new audience experiences. We’ve produced film versions of live theatre, live streamed events and festivals, to name a few. We bring a working knowledge of skills, rights management, IP considerations etc to your digital or virtual project or idea.

Business Support 
There are lots of things we can do to support your company, business or organisation such as: budget management, book keeping, management accounts and tax, payroll and PAYE, HR and employment. Talk to us about how we can lighten your work load. 

We love to talk, so get in touch to chat about your work, project, production or idea.

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