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We experience the world through stories. Whoever tells the stories of a culture defines the terms, the agenda, and the common issues we face.

George Gerbner, media scholar

“Through speaking with Lesley Anne about producing theatre and building our company, what seems like an impossible mountain to climb was made achievable.” 
Cameron Mowat (actor, director)

Open Road creates and produces theatre productions, creative projects, one off events, films and festivals. We’ve initiated and lead the delivery of a diversity of work including numerous cross sector projects. 

We produce our own productions and offer a range of professional skills, services and support to enable you to produce yours. We have experience of senior level company management across both the public and private sectors and approach all projects with a creative as well as a practical mindset.

Our roots are in Scotland, our work can reach across the world.

Free photo 91630115 © creativecommonsstockphotos -

Free photo 91630115 © creativecommonsstockphotos –

We bring our own creative skills to any project we undertake and have working relationships with actors, directors, designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, composers and dancers as well as crew and technical support.

“Without Lesley Anne, 10 Ft Tall would not be moving in the direction of where it is currently – pre production for its first professional show. We are very grateful for her continued support and advice.”
10 Ft Tall theatre company

These are some of the skills we offer:

  • Business and strategic planning
  • Creative consultancy 
  • Producing support
  • Project management
  • Fundraising and development
  • Film and digital such as live streaming events, filming etc.
  • Financial including budget management, book keeping, management accounts and tax
  • Payroll and PAYE
  • HR and employment

Open Road directors have also lead in the way in Scotland in creating screen based versions of theatre productions that use film language and talent to offer a ‘film’ rather than ‘recorded theatre’ experience to screen based audiences. 

We bring a working knowledge of contracts, technology and IP issues, along with specific experience to your production, project, event or festival.

“Lesley Anne’s support with both small and large scale experimental projects of mine has been invaluable. It has enabled me to develop a script for a Scratch Night performance, produce a live music and drama performance through an Artist Exchange programme, and complete a successful Creative Scotland application for funding – all within the space of six months.”
Neil Cargill (writer, director)

We love to talk, so get in touch to chat about your work, project, production or idea.

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